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Welcome Home

Discover your hair’s natural beauty with The Seahorse Salon.

Discover Your Natural Beauty

The Seahorse Salon is based on a vision: a reprieve from the everything of everyday. A place where hustle and bustle is put on a shelf and peace and relaxation is applied like a balm. Our team is artistic, knowledgeable, and committed to our craft and your comfort.

Our space is welcoming to all of the world's genders and hair types.

What We Do

The Seahorse Salon is pleased to offer gender neutral pricing, because hair has no gender.  While we’re committed to curly and natural hair, we don’t discriminate. Choose your services and find your hair’s inner beauty through our haircutting, hair styling, colour or other services.


Curly Specialists

At The Seahorse Salon, we do things differently. We understand your natural hair and help you to embrace it and care for it too. We put 100% of our efforts into educating ourselves - and our clients - on the science of creating natural, wearable, gorgeous hair.

Who We Are

Walking into The Seahorse Salon is like discovering a new land. A place where you immediately relax and find your poise. This is not a flashy, trendy place, full of noise and chaos. It’s an oasis where you’ll be welcomed with warmth, and treated to something special just for you.

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A gorgeous salon space and this group of stylists is, quite simply, the very best. They really know how to colour. They really know how to cut. And for me, the bonus is red hair + curls = no problem. Highly recommended.

- Rochelle Baker

Products We Love

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