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Seahorse Services

The Seahorse Salon is pleased to offer gender neutral pricing, because hair has no gender.  While we’re committed to curly and natural hair, we love all textures. Choose your services and find your hair’s inner beauty through our haircutting, hair styling, colour or other services.  


Rates are determined by the time we spend with you, our individual stylists and their specialties.


Barber Style Cut - Using clippers or scissors on super short hair.    40-60 min

Short Cut - Your hair is above your chin and requires more detailed scissor or razor work    40-60 min

Layered, Waves, Curls, and More - Your hair is past your chin, or even longer.  Thick hair, or a mountain of curls, this selection is for you!     60-120 min


*For more on curly hair cutting please see ‘Curls and Waves"


Cleanse, dry and blowout.                40-60 min

Up-styling                                           40-120 min

Bridal (and party)                               *60-120 min

*Booked upon consultation and deposit only.

Hair Styling

Please Note

All timing for menu items are typical timing needed to fulfill your service. If you have considerable amount of hair or length, these times may increase.

To have more clarity on the time needed for your service, we ask all first-time colour clients to request a complimentary colour consultation.

Hair Extension Colors

Brighten up with our colour consultations. All our colour services include a natural texture blow-dry.  All haircuts, hot-tool styling, and treatments are charged by the extra time needed, so you can customize your visit to meet your hair’s needs!


Root Touch-Up (with coloured gloss on ends)      1-3 hr

Global Colour (One colour all over)                      1-3 hr 

Highlights with Coloured Gloss                            2-4 hrs

Global Lightening (Lightening entire head)        3-4 hrs

Gloss (Semi-Permanent colour with shine)          40 min

Grey Blending Wash                                              40 min

Goldwell’s Elumen Application

Unique colour technology lending to extreme longevity with vibrant colour and shine.

Global (One colour all over)                      3-6 hrs

Segments (Unique coloured pieces) 

Without lightening                                     1-3 hrs

With lightening                                           3-4 hrs

Colour Correction

Extreme colour changes are booked upon consultation only.

Get in touch to talk about your desired change!


Your Appointment

Discover your hair’s natural beauty with The Seahorse Salon. It's time to book your chair.


Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available, get in touch to give the gift of style to your friend or family member.

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