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Embrace your Curls

At The Seahorse Salon, we do things differently. We understand your natural texture hair, help you to embrace it and care for it too. We put 100% of our efforts into educating ourselves - and our clients -

on the science of creating natural, wearable, gorgeous hair. 

During your two-hour appointment, we set the tone for your ongoing treatments and experience. 


Please arrive with your hair clean and worn down (not in a ponytail). Naturally, we start by asking how you usually achieve your best curl and we’ll start from there. 


Don’t be alarmed when we cut your natural textured hair dry. It allows us to see your hair’s natural canvas.


During your haircut, we’ll talk about your hair’s history, the products you use every day, and how you apply them. During your wash, we’ll also chat about the products we believe are right for your hair, and show you the best way to apply your styling products. 


Whether you naturally air dry or use a diffuser, your curls leave the salon looking their best!


Your First Visit


Your Return Visit

Your curls need to be regularly maintained. With each season, your curls will be trimmed and shaped. Maybe you need some expertise on winter dryness, or summer humidity styling? We’re here for you.

Some people visit every six weeks, some visit only three times a year. Whatever your timing, pre-book your next appointment and enjoy a dry cut, cleanse, and relaxing catch up about anything you wish to review from your first visit.

Curly Information Session

Everything you have ever wanted to know about YOUR curls, without the haircut. We’ll take you from sink to chic, including a wash with clean beauty products perfect for your hair, then teach you how to use these great products to set your curl.

This approximately one-hour treatment will make your uniquely textured hair look and feel incredible and you’ll leave educated and looking fab!


Cut & Run

Looking for a cut on the run? You know you have healthy, luscious locks and you just need a quick trim. Arrive with your hair clean and styled, enjoy a dry cut, and dash on to carry on your busy life. 

We offer this service for pre-existing clients only, and only after the third visit.  


20 - 60 minutes


Going somewhere fancy? Big night out? Just not in the mood to cleanse and style? Relax, rest, and let one of our pros take care of you.


60 minutes

Curly Style

Texture Background 1.jpg

Jenn is a whiz like no other with curls! Totally appreciate the very comfortable washing chairs, where your head is totally supported, the helpful styling lesson, the awesome head and neck massage.

- Susan Melendy Stark


Your Appointment

Discover your hair’s natural beauty with The Seahorse Salon. It's time to book your chair.


Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available, get in touch to give the gift of style to your friend or family member.

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