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Find Your Calm

Walking into The Seahorse Salon is like discovering a new land. A place where you immediately relax and find your poise. This is not a flashy, trendy place, full of noise and chaos. It’s an oasis where you’ll be welcomed with warmth, and treated to something special just for you.

Cut It, Colour It, Cure it

The Seahorse Salon was created out of founder Jenn Ghaney’s vision: A reprieve from the everything of everyday. A place where hustle and bustle is put on a shelf and peace and relaxation is applied like a balm. Our team is artistic, knowledgeable, and committed to our craft and your comfort. Our space is welcoming to all genders, ethnicities, abilities, and identities. We serve people, not bias.


Reemerge Rejuvenated

When you leave The Seahorse Salon, you’ll feel rejuvenated and so will your hair. You’ll walk out with confidence, not just because you’ll look great, but because you’ll be fearless in taking care of your hair at home. Welcome to The Seahorse Salon.

The Hair Care Experts

Meet our Seahorse Salon team, committed to luxury for your naturally-textured hair. Our team is part of the Dresscode Project, an alliance of salons providing safe spaces without judgment for the queer community. After all, hair has no gender.


Choose the stylist and services right for your hair needs and budget from Protégé, Studio, or Specialist stylist, while we provide a path for career growth for our team.


Proud owner and team leader of the Seahorse, Jenn is delighted to bring you some of the best talent in St. John’s. With more than two decades in the industry, Jenn has focused her entire career on naturally curly clients, and takes great delight in seeing them finally embrace their own hair!  Jenn firmly believes a healthy curl styles itself. Her intent is to provide you with the education you need to achieve your best hair at home.

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As a kid, Jess coloured everything in sight. Now, with more than a decade as a stylist specializing in colour, Leaning on her vast knowledge of the complete chemistry of colour, she loves being creatively tested and loves a challenge.


Whether your colour goal is something natural, wild, or anything in between, Jess’ main priority is maintaining the health of your hair. In Jess’ chair, you’ll relax and give her full creative and responsible freedom.

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Patrick started with Seahorse Salon as an apprentice when we opened in July, 2017 and has been a rising star. Since training with many national and global educators, his career as a stylist has flourished. With a focus on natural texture, Patrick strives to create a safe and inclusive space for whoever sits in his chair.

Whether it’s teaching you how to nourish your curls or giving you a fresh head of highlights, Patrick wants to help you embrace your authentic self.

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Since 2008, Ledon (pronounced Leh-dawn) has been making clients feel their best by teaching them to embrace their natural hair. One of our curly specialists, she makes sure clients with curly hair are never overlooked or underappreciated in the hair world. Ledon’s goal is to help each client love their natural hair.

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Jody Lear is our Salon Coordinator by day, and a Disco Diva by night! Beginning at the Seahorse Salon as a client, Jody quickly became passionate about curls and hair health.


She is always happy to help with any questions you might have about products, appointments, and all things Seahorse! When she's not at the front desk of the salon, you'll find her on stage with funk band Cabot Power,  the Nyachty List, or singing golden oldies with acapella group The Boogie Babes!

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At 9 years of age, Monte visits the salon from time to time, spending most days living his best life hiking with his doodle friends in Portugal Cove. Retirement hasn’t slowed our old friend down, and he still comes to the Seahorse for a visit! Monte is a Standard Poodle and hypoallergenic to most people. Be sure to let us know in advance if his attendance will bring an unwanted tear to your eye.

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    The experience was so educational as well as relaxing. I LOVE that there are a ton of cruelty free/vegan products! My stylist was so friendly and inviting and made me feel right at home. I can’t wait to come back! I honestly can’t recommend this place enough!

    - Jess Whittle


    Your Appointment

    Discover your hair’s natural beauty with The Seahorse Salon. It's time to book your chair.


    Gift Certificates

    Gift certificates are available, get in touch to give the gift of style to your friend or family member.

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